An update from Ryan Bird

An update from Ryan Bird on his recovery from a serious knee injury sustained recently.


Following the serious knee injury sustained by Ryan Bird recently, a fundraising page was launched to support Ryan and his family during his recovery. A magnificent total of £4,752 was raised, including significant contributions from supporters of some of Ryan’s former clubs.

Ryan has provided the following message to supporters:

“Just a quick message to say thank you to everyone who helped out. I cannot believe how generous and thoughtful people can be. It has really helped a lot!

“Quick update on how my injury/recovery is going. For the first few days after the op the pain was excruciating, the worst I’ve ever experienced. However, after two weeks I am completely off painkillers.

“I had all 21 staples out two weeks ago and the nurses said the wound is healing very well. I also saw the specialist and he said I will be in the knee brace for a total of 10-12 weeks, with no bending of the knee for six weeks of that time and then adjust the brace gradually so I can bend my knee.

“I have been given little exercises to keep the leg ticking over but nothing major. I can get about the house on crutches, but I will be off work for three months and football for six months minimum. So for now I will continue to watch every series ever uploaded by Netflix!

Thanks again and I will see you soon”

Image: Philip Benton

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