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Sat Jul 3

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Sat Jul 3 13:00
The Vanarama National League South

Club statement: Response to options set out by National League

Slough Town Football Club's full response to The National League's request for feedback on the three options presented to member clubs yesterday.


The directors of Slough Town Football Club sent the following email to Mark Ives, Interim General Manager of The National League last night in response to his request for feedback on the three options discussed during yesterday's meeting with member clubs.

Dear Mark,

We have this evening given consideration to the 3 options presented to us today.

We would support OPTION 3, which is, as you know what we have been suggesting for some time now.

Neither Option 1 or 2 make any sense from a business perspective and we are not prepared to put our club into a long term financially unsustainable position by taking loans or a grant which is repayable (which is in effect what Option 2 is).

Given the need for a speedy decision on the part of the clubs, we would expect that a similarly quick decision will be taken by the board and any suspension to be in place before Saturday.

By playing fixtures on Saturday, clubs will have to pay their players an additional week and in our case, incur the biggest travel cost of the season. As soon as the decision is made to suspend, we can move our players to furlough, thus avoiding further costs. If the decision is to suspend, it MUST be made immediately. As a club we will go as far as to say that we do not propose to travel to Eastbourne on Saturday to fulfil a fixture which could be meaningless, incur unnecessary costs and put our players at risk.

We will have a separate discussion regarding Saturday with the Fixtures team and also with Eastbourne, but our position is clear. The issue can be avoided, by making your decision prior to the weekend.

Image: Philip Benton

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