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Club statement: Priority Pass applications open

As preparations continue for the return of supporters, we invite our 2019/20 season ticket holders to apply for a ‘Priority Pass’, giving them the first chance to purchase match tickets.


As preparations continue for the return of supporters to Arbour Park, we are pleased to announce plans to offer our 2019/20 season ticket holders the chance to apply for a ‘Priority Pass’ which will give them the first chance to purchase tickets for home National League South matches this season.

The Borough of Slough has now entered the "very high" alert Tier 3 restrictions, and as a result the club will not be able to host spectators for the foreseeable future.

When we are able to, we anticipate that the number of supporters we will be allowed to accommodate at Arbour Park will be lower than the number of existing season ticket holders - therefore we must prioritise the sale of match tickets to our season ticket holders before they go on general sale.

Therefore, our 2019/20 season ticket holders can now apply for a free ‘Priority Pass’ which will give them access to purchase tickets for league matches 72 hours before they go on general sale.

In the event that the number of Priority Pass applications exceeds capacity for matches, applicants will be split into two ‘groups’ with each group taking it in turns to have the first opportunity to purchase tickets (one per person) for alternate home matches. Should tickets remain after the first round of sales, tickets will be offered to the second group before going on general sale.

At such time that our permitted capacity increases sufficiently, we will revert to giving all Priority Pass holders access to tickets on a first come, first served basis.

Priority Passes will not automatically be granted – all 2019/20 season ticket holders MUST make an application by Sunday 20th December 2020.

We must stress that Priority Pass holders are not guaranteed tickets, as these are available on a first come, first served basis for each ‘group’.

The application form is embedded below and can also be found by clicking here.

Please note that all tickets will be sold online in advance and not at the turnstiles - this will help us control ticket sales and reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19. At the time of writing, tickets will not be available for supporters of visiting clubs.

Admission prices for the 2020/21 season will be as below, including ticket booking fees:

Adult (18-64) - £14
Concession (65+) - £10
Student - £5.50
Child (5-15) - £3
Infant (0-4) - Free (a ticket must be ordered)

Parking will also be available at St Joseph’s School for a small additional fee.

We are not planning to sell season tickets for the remainder of this season due to the continued uncertainties around capacity and the possibility of future national or local restrictions. Instead, we will sell tickets for each home match online in advance.

Key points:

• Only valid for home National League South fixtures
• Applies only to paid-for 2019/20 season tickets
• 2019/20 season ticket holders must apply for a free Priority Pass in order to receive one
• To verify ownership of a 2019/20 season ticket, we will collect details of name, email address, and season ticket number
• Data will be passed to our ticketing partner SeeTickets, who will email Priority Pass owners 72 hours prior to the general sale of tickets to give them priority access
• Priority Pass members may begin purchasing tickets 7 days before matches. If tickets remain, the second Priority Pass ‘group’ will be able to purchase tickets 5 days before matches, and the remainder will be sold in a general sale from 4 days before matches
• Priority Pass members will be able to purchase one ticket for each match. This is subject to change should restrictions on capacity be eased
• Applications for Priority Passes will close on Sunday 20th December 2020
• Parking will be available at St Joseph’s School at a cost of £2.50 per vehicle per match, with a capacity of 100. Parking passes may only be purchased with a valid admission ticket

Included below is a list of expected FAQs. This is not an exhaustive list and we will update it as we learn more and receive questions from our supporters:

Q: Why aren’t you selling season tickets for the 2020/21 season?
A: The National League has actually advised its member clubs not to issue season tickets, and we agree this is sensible given the uncertainties that still exist around supporters being able to attend, capacities being restricted and the possibility that the 2020/21 season may be delayed or curtailed due to national or local restrictions in the same way the 2019/20 season was. Selling tickets for individual matches will also mean the club can generate more revenue on a weekly basis than it would have done by selling season tickets up front, and this will be crucial in these uncertain times.

Q: Will season ticket holders be compensated for losing out on a number of home matches due to the curtailment of the 2019/20 National League season?
A: All 2019/20 season ticket holders are invited to apply for a free Priority Pass, which will put them at the ‘front of the queue’ for securing match tickets in a 72-hour window, whereas other supporters will need to wait for any remaining tickets to go on general sale. We know that our season ticket holders have had to make a sacrifice regarding the curtailment of the 2019/20 season and very much appreciate their support.

Q: Do I have to apply for a Priority Pass?
A: Yes. Priority Passes will not automatically be given to our 2019/20 season ticket holders. Applications must be made online (at no cost) by Sunday 20th December 2020.

Q: Why do I have to apply for a Priority Pass when I was a season ticket holder last year?
A: In moving to an e-ticketing system we need to ensure all data is up-to-date and accurate; by applying for a Priority Pass it allows us to verify previous holders fairly.

Q: Will tickets only be sold online?
A: Yes. We need to ensure we don’t sell in excess of the permitted capacity for each match. Capturing details of attendees online at the point of sale also aids Track and Trace measures. It also helps us reduce close contact with supporters at the turnstiles, including with cash handling, and there are various other safety protocols we must adhere to.

Q: How many match tickets can I buy with my Priority Pass?
A: Priority Pass holders may purchase one ticket in the window they are given. There will be a further opportunity to purchase tickets in the general sale.

Q: Can supporters of the away side purchase tickets?
A: At present, the FA have stated that away supporters must not attend matches. When this situation changes, we will be happy to sell remaining tickets in a general sale as outlined above. All non-Priority Pass holders will have the opportunity to purchase tickets in the general sale.

Q: Can I buy tickets for my family?
A: Initially, Priority Pass holders may only purchase one ticket each, in the window offered and outlined above. There will be a further opportunity to purchase tickets in the general sale.

Q: I am unable to attend the home match allocated to me based on my Priority Pass ‘group’. Can I swap for another match?
A: Unfortunately not, due to COVID-19 protocols and the administrative burden on our small team of volunteers.

Q: How will queues be managed at the turnstiles with social distancing in place?
A: We are looking at introducing timed entry slots when booking tickets online, in order to manage queues and ensure social distancing can take place. We will issue an update on this in due course.

Q: Can I book a seat with a Priority Pass and is there an additional charge?
A: At the moment, we are not selling seated tickets - we will issue a further update on this in due course.

Q: Are match tickets purchased online refundable?
A: Match tickets will only be refundable in the event of a postponement or cancellation if the season is curtailed for any reason.

Q: After I have purchased my ticket online, can I give it or sell it to someone else?
A: No, this is strictly forbidden. We must ensure we are correctly capturing details of everyone in attendance at matches in order to comply with Track and Trace measures. You may be asked for ID at the turnstiles, and if your identity does not match that shown on the ticket, you will be refused admission and risk a ban from future matches.

Q: Can tickets purchased online be printed, or can I show the ticket on my smartphone?
A: Yes to both.

Q: I don't have a smartphone or a printer - will paper tickets be available?
A: Our ticketing partner, Seetickets can issue printed tickets for an additional charge of £2. We are also looking into setting up a physical ticket office for those who are unable to print their own tickets or produce the ticket on a smartphone. We would encourage our supporters to look out for any fellow Rebels who need help with the technology or in printing their tickets.

Q: Will parking be available?
A: Parking will be available at St Joseph’s School for a fee of £2.50 per vehicle per match.

Q: Will the bar and catering facilities be open, and what measures are in place to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19?
A: We are following all appropriate risk assessments and guidelines, however at this stage will not be able to fully open the bar and catering facilities. We will issue a separate update on this in due course.

Q: Will I have to wear a mask to matches?
A: Yes. We will be encouraging people to wear masks at all times, but MUST be worn when entering and exiting via the turnstiles and indoors (including in the bar and tea bar, and toilets) and when interacting with our match day volunteers. Slough Town masks are available to purchase in our online club shop for £6.50!

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