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Ian Wolstenholme

Former England international goalkeeper who played in the 1973 Amateur Cup final for Slough against Walton & Hersham at Wembley. He is the unflappable type of keeper that remains comparatively unnoticed as he quietly and efficiently goes about his business.

Ian became famous for a penalty save in the last minute of extra time for Enfield in the 1967 Final against Skelmersdale, with Enfield winning the replay. The Bradford born goalkeeper played two Football League games for York City before moving south. 

Born in Bradford Yorks, in January 1943, Ian has spent most of his life in Sheffield, he started his football career as an outside left for Abbeydale Grammar School, and only went in the sticks because he though he could do better than the lad in possession and was heard to say so. He represented Yorkshire Grammar Schools in season 61/62 and then went on to St. Johns College York where he kept goal for three years, the final year as Captain. After completing his studies, Ian began to play for York City and made quite a number of first team appearances, playing against Millwall at the Den when they were making that fantastic home run some years ago, he also played against Carlisle in 1964 when the Blues needed to win to take the Championship, but the game ended as a goalless draw. But being a Physical Education teacher made life very difficult with York City, refereeing school games in the morning left little time to get to games in the afternoon, so lan moved to Sheffield F.C. the oldest Club in the country. In one game for the Sheffield side Ian saved three penalties which is thought to be a record. During this time, he appeared for Sheffield and Hallamshire F.A., an F.A. Colts XI and for an England XI against Northern and Weirside Leagues.

In 1966, the offer of a post as head of P.E. at Edmonton County School bought lan and his new wife Margot, South. Ian joined Slough from Enfield where he helped them to win the Amateur Cup on two occasions. Was a member of the Great. Britain Olympic XI and the England squad. Ian is pushing the man in possession John Swannell for his place and in the opinion of many is the better keeper.

In the 66/67 season he got a London Senior Cup winners medal. In his second season he had a cartilage removed before helping Enfield to win the Isthmian League and become runners up in the London Senior. 68/69, saw another Isthmian League title and a Middlesex Senior Cup winners medal and Ian, feeling like a traitor, represented The South against The North.


First Appearance: 15-08-1970 vs Tilbury
First Goal: Never
Position: Goalkeeper
Total STFC Appearances: 170
Total STFC Goals: 0

Matches Played

Match Date Home Team Score Away Team Competition Goals Cards Report
15-05-1973Slough Town2-0WorthingAthenian League Cup--Report
07-05-1973Slough Town1-0Maidenhead UnitedPremier Midweek FL--Report
04-05-1973Slough Town1-0DagenhamLeague--Report
30-04-1973Slough Town4-0CheshuntLeague--Report
28-04-1973Wembley0-2Slough TownLeague--Report
23-04-1973Wycombe Wanderers0-1Slough TownB&B Senior Cup--Report
21-04-1973Slough Town5-1ErithLeague--Report
19-04-1973Hornchurch1-2Slough TownLeague--Report
16-04-1973Slough Town5-0WembleyAthenian League Cup--Report
14-04-1973Walton & Hersham1-0Slough TownFA Amateur Cup--Report
07-04-1973Slough Town4-1HornchurchLeague--Report
31-03-1973Slough Town0-0CroydonLeague--Report
26-03-1973Redhill0-7Slough TownLeague--Report
24-03-1973Harwich2-4Slough TownLeague--Report
19-03-1973Slough Town2-0Maidenhead UnitedAthenian League Cup--Report
10-03-1973Bishop's Stortford0-1Slough TownFA Amateur Cup--Report
03-03-1973Wokingham Town0-1Slough TownB&B Senior Cup--Report
26-02-1973Slough Town0-0HayesPremier Midweek FL--Report
24-02-1973Harlow Town1-3Slough TownLeague--Report
20-02-1973Hampton1-3Slough TownPremier Midweek FL--Report
17-02-1973Slough Town2-1Blyth SpartansFA Amateur Cup--Report
10-02-1973Slough Town3-0CheshuntAthenian League Cup--Report
03-02-1973Slough Town2-1Boreham WoodLeague--Report
30-01-1973Hayes0-0Slough TownPremier Midweek FL--Report
27-01-1973Slough Town2-1LeytonstoneFA Amateur Cup--Report
20-01-1973Slough Town3-1Aylesbury UnitedB&B Senior Cup--Report
13-01-1973Maidenhead United0-0Slough TownLeague--Report
08-01-1973Slough Town3-2SouthallPremier Midweek FL--Report
06-01-1973Eastbourne Utd0-2Slough TownFA Amateur Cup--Report
30-12-1972Lewes1-0Slough TownLeague--Report
27-12-1972Slough Town6-1Maidenhead UnitedLeague--Report
16-12-1972Aveley1-0Slough TownLeague--Report
09-12-1972Slough Town2-1Cadbury HeathFA Amateur Cup--Report
25-11-1972Slough Town2-1Boreham WoodAthenian League Cup--Report
18-11-1972Croydon2-3Slough TownLeague--Report
14-11-1972Southall0-0Slough TownPremier Midweek FL--Report
11-11-1972Slough Town2-0TilburyLeague--Report
04-11-1972Erith2-0Slough TownLeague--Report
01-11-1972Maidenhead United1-3Slough TownPremier Midweek FL--Report
28-10-1972Redhill0-2Slough TownLeague--Report
21-10-1972Slough Town5-0SouthallLeague--Report
14-10-1972Cheshunt0-1Slough TownLeague--Report
07-10-1972Banbury United2-1Slough TownFA Cup--Report
02-10-1972Slough Town1-0WembleyPremier Midweek FL--Report
30-09-1972Slough Town2-0RedhillLeague--Report
23-09-1972Tilbury1-1Slough TownLeague--Report
19-09-1972Bletchley0-3Slough TownFA Cup--Report
16-09-1972Slough Town0-0BletchleyFA Cup--Report
11-09-1972Slough Town4-2LewesLeague--Report
09-09-1972Slough Town1-1HarwichLeague--Report
05-09-1972Boreham Wood0-2Slough TownLeague--Report
02-09-1972Slough Town1-0BedfordFA Cup--Report
31-08-1972Slough Town1-0AveleyLeague--Report
26-08-1972Dagenham2-0Slough TownLeague--Report
22-08-1972Southall0-2Slough TownLeague--Report
19-08-1972Slough Town5-2Harlow TownLeague--Report
22-05-1972Slough Town1-0Walton & HershamPremier Midweek FL--Report
12-05-1972Dagenham0-2Slough TownAthenian League Cup--Report
09-05-1972Leytonstone0-1Slough TownPremier Midweek FL--Report
05-05-1972Cheshunt0-1Slough TownLeague--Report
29-04-1972Slough Town4-0ErithLeague--Report
21-04-1972Slough Town1-0CheshuntLeague--Report
18-04-1972Marlow0-2Slough TownPremier Midweek FL--Report
15-04-1972Aveley0-1Slough TownAthenian League Cup--Report
08-04-1972Harwich1-0Slough TownLeague--Report
03-04-1972Wycombe Wanderers0-3Slough TownB&B Senior Cup--Report
25-03-1972Aveley1-2Slough TownLeague--Report
11-03-1972Enfield5-1Slough TownFA Amateur Cup--Report
04-03-1972Slough Town1-0Sutton UnitedFA Amateur Cup--Report
26-02-1972Slough Town6-1Windsor & EtonB&B Senior Cup--Report
07-02-1972Slough Town5-1Maidenhead UnitedPremier Midweek FL--Report
05-02-1972Chesham United1-2Slough TownAthenian League Cup--Report
29-01-1972Slough Town3-2St Albans CityFA Amateur Cup--Report
22-01-1972Slough Town2-0Stony StratfordB&B Senior Cup--Report
08-01-1972Slough Town2-0KingstonianFA Amateur Cup--Report
27-12-1971Maidenhead United0-0Slough TownLeague--Report
18-12-1971Boreham Wood0-2Slough TownLeague--Report
13-12-1971Slough Town3-0Maidenhead UnitedLeague--Report
11-12-1971Slough Town3-1TilburyAthenian League Cup--Report
06-12-1971Slough Town7-0Banbury UnitedPremier Midweek FL--Report
04-12-1971Slough Town1-1LeatherheadLeague--Report
01-12-1971Oxford City1-3Slough TownPremier Midweek FL--Report
26-11-1971Hornchurch0-1Slough TownLeague--Report
22-11-1971Slough Town2-0MarlowPremier Midweek FL--Report
20-11-1971Slough Town4-0Grays AthleticLeague--Report
16-11-1971Chesham United0-2Slough TownPremier Midweek FL--Report
13-11-1971Slough Town2-0DagenhamLeague--Report
09-11-1971Maidenhead United1-1Slough TownPremier Midweek FL--Report
18-10-1971Banbury United2-3Slough TownPremier Midweek FL--Report
16-10-1971Grays Athletic2-3Slough TownLeague--Report
11-10-1971Wokingham Town0-2Slough TownPremier Midweek FL--Report
09-10-1971Slough Town0-1RomfordFA Cup--Report
04-10-1971Slough Town5-1Chesham UnitedPremier Midweek FL--Report
02-10-1971Slough Town3-1HornchurchLeague--Report
25-09-1971Tilbury2-0Slough TownLeague--Report
21-09-1971Woking0-2Slough TownFA Cup--Report
18-09-1971Slough Town1-1WokingFA Cup--Report
13-09-1971Slough Town5-0Wokingham TownPremier Midweek FL--Report
11-09-1971Slough Town5-0AveleyLeague--Report
06-09-1971Slough Town2-0Boreham WoodLeague--Report
04-09-1971Lewes0-1Slough TownLeague--Report
30-08-1971Leatherhead1-0Slough TownLeague--Report
28-08-1971Slough Town2-1WembleyLeague--Report
23-08-1971Slough Town4-0SouthallLeague--Report
21-08-1971Dagenham3-2Slough TownLeague--Report
18-08-1971Redhill0-2Slough TownLeague--Report
14-08-1971Slough Town1-0TilburyLeague--Report
13-05-1971Slough Town7-0Hemel Hempstead TownPremier Midweek FL--Report
12-05-1971Slough Town2-1HayesLeague--Report
10-05-1971Wycombe Wanderers1-0Slough TownB&B Senior Cup--Report
08-05-1971Dagenham1-0Slough TownLeague--Report
03-05-1971Hayes1-1Slough TownLeague--Report
01-05-1971Wembley0-0Slough TownLeague--Report
28-04-1971Wycombe Wanderers0-0Slough TownB&B Senior Cup--Report
17-04-1971Slough Town2-0TilburyLeague--Report
15-04-1971Boreham Wood1-2Slough TownLeague--Report
12-04-1971Slough Town2-0Grays AthleticLeague--Report
10-04-1971Lewes1-2Slough TownLeague--Report
05-04-1971Slough Town0-1LeatherheadLeague--Report
31-03-1971Slough Town2-0CheshuntLeague--Report
29-03-1971Slough Town1-0LewesLeague--Report
27-03-1971Dagenham1-2Slough TownFA Amateur Cup--Report
20-03-1971Dagenham3-3Slough TownFA Amateur Cup--Report
13-03-1971Slough Town3-1Chesham UnitedB&B Senior Cup--Report
08-03-1971Slough Town2-1Boreham WoodLeague--Report
06-03-1971Maidenhead United0-1Slough TownB&B Senior Cup--Report
27-02-1971Aveley0-2Slough TownFA Amateur Cup--Report
23-02-1971Wycombe Wanderers0-2Slough TownPremier Midweek FL--Report
20-02-1971Slough Town3-1HendonFA Amateur Cup--Report
13-02-1971Hendon1-1Slough TownFA Amateur Cup--Report
09-02-1971Leatherhead1-1Slough TownLeague--Report
06-02-1971Slough Town0-0Maidenhead UnitedB&B Senior Cup--Report
02-02-1971Cheshunt1-0Slough TownLeague--Report
30-01-1971Harwich0-3Slough TownFA Amateur Cup--Report
16-01-1971Redhill1-3Slough TownFA Amateur Cup--Report
09-01-1971Slough Town1-1RedhillFA Amateur Cup--Report
26-12-1970Slough Town1-1Maidenhead UnitedLeague--Report
21-12-1970Slough Town6-1Chesham UnitedPremier Midweek FL--Report
19-12-1970Slough Town4-1MarlowB&B Senior Cup--Report
12-12-1970Slough Town0-1BarnetFA Cup--Report
05-12-1970Walton & Hersham1-0Slough TownLeague--Report
30-11-1970Slough Town3-1Maidenhead UnitedPremier Midweek FL--Report
28-11-1970Slough Town0-1DagenhamLeague--Report
25-11-1970Slough Town1-0Wycombe WanderersFA Cup--Report
21-11-1970Wycombe Wanderers1-1Slough TownFA Cup--Report
17-11-1970Wealdstone1-6Slough TownPremier Midweek FL--Report
14-11-1970Harwich0-2Slough TownLeague--Report
09-11-1970Hillingdon Borough3-3Slough TownFA Cup--Report
07-11-1970Slough Town2-0Hillingdon BoroughFA Cup--Report
02-11-1970Oxford City4-1Slough TownPremier Midweek FL--Report
31-10-1970Cheshunt4-2Slough TownAthenian League Cup--Report
24-10-1970Slough Town2-1IlfordFA Cup--Report
20-10-1970Chesham United0-0Slough TownPremier Midweek FL--Report
17-10-1970Grays Athletic0-1Slough TownLeague--Report
12-10-1970Slough Town2-1MarlowPremier Midweek FL--Report
10-10-1970Slough Town5-0KingstonianFA Cup--Report
06-10-1970Marlow2-2Slough TownPremier Midweek FL--Report
03-10-1970Slough Town0-2Walton & HershamLeague--Report
26-09-1970Slough Town2-0WembleyLeague--Report
21-09-1970Slough Town2-0TilburyFA Cup--Report
19-09-1970Tilbury1-1Slough TownFA Cup--Report
15-09-1970Maidenhead United1-0Slough TownPremier Midweek FL--Report
12-09-1970Slough Town3-0HarwichLeague--Report
07-09-1970Slough Town3-0SouthallLeague--Report
05-09-1970Eastbourne Town1-3Slough TownAthenian League Cup--Report
02-09-1970Redhill1-3Slough TownLeague--Report
25-08-1970Maidenhead United1-2Slough TownLeague--Report
22-08-1970Slough Town4-0Bishop's StortfordLeague--Report
19-08-1970Southall0-2Slough TownLeague--Report
15-08-1970Tilbury2-2Slough TownLeague--Report
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Saturday, 16th March

vs Billericay Town

Won 2-1 (Home)

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